Poll: What do Listeners want to hear more?

Hear more of??

  • Dj Live sets @ Afterhours.fm

    Votes: 216 46.9%
  • Fresh Singles

    Votes: 41 8.9%
  • 50 / 50 singles and live sets

    Votes: 204 44.3%

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May 1, 2006
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I wanted to know what the listeners would like to hear more, please vote.
Yeah I'm down for the 50/50. But even for me...they don't have to be the latest singles. Sometimes its great to hear old classics getting played.
50 / 50 singles and live sets would be the best way to go
Fresh singles from all trance subgenres, and don't forget about hard trance! Do some nights or hours at certain day dedicated to hard & hi-nrg trance fans (like me :D).

From time to time or at certain days let DJs to spin their sets :) and don't forget about older but rockin tunes.
It's nice to have the fresh tracks during the non-peak hours. But I second Marius and say the more dj sets the better. It actually gives the forum more activity I think =]
I still say a mix for example...

A DJ set on the hour... DJ set might go for 50mins, it might go for 1hr10min. Then.. fill the gap with singles until the top of the next hour. Then roll another DJ set.

And as for the singles...well... thow in a mix of the new stuff, aswell as some of our own local talent from the aftehours.fm producers.

I still think its good to have a mix - cause (I think - based on my di.fm experience) that people like to hear DJ sets...but they also like to hear the latest singles out there.

Well...I like hearing the latest tracks..cause then I can find what I wanna use in my next set :P
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I would prefer about a 70/30 split of sets/tracks. I like to listen to the radio while at work and streamlined sets just flow easier while working. I would like to see various length sets as well. Most around 60min or so, but some branching out to 80-120min length. I think with the time, the DJ can take you on a more enjoyable journey.

I like the idea about a set starting on every hour with singles to fill in the gaps idea too. I would prefer to hear the newest singles, but also great classics. If it were just the new tracks, it would be like the normal FM stations that play the same 20 songs over and over again.
I'm a big fan of the idea of sets starting at regular times, so that people know to tune in for them. If you start a set regularly just after people start work or get back from lunch, it'll become natural for them to tune in, it'll just be part of their routing.

The journey from start to finish of a set is nice, but I think it loses its effect if you tune in halfway through, so long two-hour sets aren't necessarily a great idea.

The real problem is time zones. The average weekday starts at 8:30/9:00AM, but you've got four of them coast-to-coast to schedule to...

As for the singles, I like the new stuff. The classics get included in sets often enough to cover my need for them.

As for who to play sets from, I'm in favour of the little guys, the AH locals. I can go elsewhere if I feel the need to hear sets from the "names". Let others do the DJ groupie thing, I just want to hear good music.
Yeah I agree with in iq ui trance

This is going to happen, most djs have set their times same time every 2 weeks... so its going to be more organized :)
People want to hear some crazyglow!


but seriously, I would personally like mostly sets. More specifically smaller sets, because I like a lot of variety and I can't listen for long periods of time so like 30 min sets could be quite fun I think.