Poll: What do Listeners want to hear more?

Hear more of??

  • Dj Live sets @ Afterhours.fm

    Votes: 215 46.8%
  • Fresh Singles

    Votes: 41 8.9%
  • 50 / 50 singles and live sets

    Votes: 203 44.2%

  • Total voters
Dj Live sets @ Afterhours.fm
DJ sets are more than welcome, but, as people before mentioned, some classics or fresh tracks in non-peak hours or to fill the gaps between the sets would be nice to have ^^
60/40 would be optimal, with 60 being the live sets, but 50/50 would still be good, as long as you can throw in some house stuff in there for me :p
Just listening to Nitrous Oxide who are playing track after

track in a brilliant way no interuptions great mixing as well sorry I digress -

Single tracks are no comparison to me - normally to much talking

- let the Dj get on and play the set - goes for me.

dj sets is more joyable too listen too i think, cos i like hearing traxx floating togheter in the transition. mostly i wanna hear new stuff & i like that dj's on AH what i've heard so far play alot of new/exclusive stuffs.
But classics will always be classics, maybe have some trance-classic hour once in a while?

I vote for 50/50. Once ah gets more big names id say more Livesets..

( so, during ah's existence more livesets )
looks like a decision has been taken - if you
check the last 5 and the 5 to come list they are all single tracks.

a time has elapsed and still we get tracks - until the time comes
up on this post wont know how much time - but no sets still -

hope Aafik set is not affected.
looks like 3 hours well I could have missed one set

but surely there are loads of sets we have missed - well

I have anyway.

a time has elapsed and still we get tracks - until the time comes
up on this post wont know how much time - but no sets still -

hope Aafik set is not affected.

I'm sure later on there will be more sets.
live sets are singles mixed together arent they?

so the answer is moe live sets
id really like to hear live sets
as in actually live, and while these sets are going on it would be cool if the DJs talked about what they are playing and how we can get a hold of the same tunes.
plus it would be cool if some of the DJs could show pics of their set-ups
just for curiosity sakes
He'd really like to hear live sets when some idiot is right in the
loudspeaker enclosure and he whistles, screams, shouts and
has an or....... all in front of the music - I think not - the definition
of live @ ...... normally means the tape the Dj has produced is
improved on as the night progresses - and the sound can be
racked up to blow the idiots living in the speakers away - and all
power to them(more if needed) -

As most have said, sets - live sets
by what ever definition - lets have more sets not the same 40 tracks
each week.
50/ 50 (dj live sets / brand new singles & classic tracks)
50/50. As far as singles, less dubs and more vocals! Dubs are annoying when you expect some of your fav. vocals artists to start singing.
Sometimes when i tune in @ ah and there are only singles. It makes download a nice liveset somewhere else to listen to. In time there should be more livesets than singles. I know ah will get some more livesets later on. But for now there are too much singles id say..

I use full tracks to mix music. Too many singles take down the energy over and over again.. A set keeps the energy by mixing in tracks at the right time instead of hearing a single beat at start and end of the single..
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