Poll: What do Listeners want to hear more?

Hear more of??

  • Dj Live sets @ Afterhours.fm

    Votes: 216 46.9%
  • Fresh Singles

    Votes: 41 8.9%
  • 50 / 50 singles and live sets

    Votes: 204 44.3%

  • Total voters
Dj Live sets @ Afterhours.fm :love:but also I would like to hear Fresh Singles example: once a week :smile: . Can I even lead a show sometime ... That future plans but :unsure:
a separate time slot for singles ..while we are at it how about a way for listeners to request a particular song by posting in forum made specially for single requests ..this way listeners could interact with dj playing the singles..
The poll is to "open ended". I chose the DJ cuz he can change the room temp with a mix or a tempo/beat. I love the evoLoution of the sound I enjoy.

unlike walking into a cold room in the mid summer heat...It feels great for about 30 min and then feels...cold or unwanting.

Just a thought.
Fresh Talent, regular slots for people to send in Mixes. The best mixes to go online.
I want to listen to the latest singles released and the underground talent that is mostly left untouched. Sometimes, these are far more superior than the official movements around the web.
DJ Live Sets obviously! Mixes and more, because new tracks and unreleased tracks are played
I'll vote for live sets. New fresh tracks can be found anywhere, but some good sets... well, this is not that easy. So, DJ Live Sets are the best choice.
And thank you very much for the gorgeus music and for this amazing sets you are sharing with us. This is definitely the best music around the web.
Live uplifting trance events that do not include progressive, trouse, house or anything else :)
Live uplifting trance events that do not include progressive, trouse, house or anything else :)

Exactly, as I would say :D
Of course it can include quality trance-like progressive house and progressive trance, what's used to play at the partys' warmups.
I like so much when you can flow with the event together. It's like if the event could tell its own story, it's building up slowly. After that there would be no stops and no rebuilds for each sets, just dancing and dancing as you can do to the fullest till the morning.
But I think these depend strongly on the DJs, too.
Hmmm, tough question, ...

Have to go for 50/50.
Love a nice set, but at the same time love to hear new trancy ear fodder.