Poll: What do Listeners want to hear more?

Hear more of??

  • Dj Live sets @ Afterhours.fm

    Votes: 216 46.9%
  • Fresh Singles

    Votes: 41 8.9%
  • 50 / 50 singles and live sets

    Votes: 204 44.3%

  • Total voters
I voted 50/50 singles-livesets....but i agree with a few others who said even a little more livesets - in the 60/40 range sound about right.:)
maybe I am too old for these things !!
but i am crazy ;)

see you
I like the the sets, very nice. Singles are nice to. but I would like to hear the DJ's chat a little, if so inclined, I know some just don't have the right voice.

I'd really like to hear some original remixes from the residents. And would like the dj to announce it during his/her show.
I think it was Always Alive 005, nice mix of tracks and DJ announcing tracks, Nice job, Keep those coming.
I would like to listen more Always Alive with Daniel Kandi.
I think this set is the one of the best @ ah.fm.
As for the singles, I like the new stuff. The classics get included in sets often enough to cover my need for them.

On the contrary, I think that AH should mix in some classics in there. There is usually only one or no classics in a set...and that's not enough IMO
50/50 .. with some classics ... and some live sets would make my day :D
voted for fresh singles, don't know why

It doesn't have to be fresh singles -- just good songs. Classics ftw!