What should Lyrics in trance & progressive go about?

What should Lyrics in trance & progressive go about?

  • Love or Love related

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  • Anything else! ( Like what? )

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Vocals rox!!! period :mml: :mask:
there's missing option in this poll... "nothing at all" :p
Nish - Talk 2 Me(Jon the Baptist & Chuck-E rmx)

less is more,imo

enough with the lullabys all the time,
I like vocals tracks not constantly
anythin else, its the same the important its the music, the cuallity of sound and the melody.
actually I find a lot of trance and progressive trance >lyrics to be pretty fluffy and secondary.. I've only heard a few songs where the lyrics stood out to >me.

hmm a few

H O M E- by Above and Beyond

G H O S T- by Jess

I B E L I E V E- by Ashley Wallbridge
vocals arent meant for trance or prog
electro, house, minimal, etc , thts another story
vocals arent meant for trance or prog
electro, house, minimal, etc , thts another story

but sometimes it works usually it doesn't...shouldn't pidgin hole trance by saying "vocals aren't meant for trance"

There are times when it can work ...after all this is an art forum and putting limits on art defeats the purpose...

It's like telling a painter green isn't meant for his style...

I especially love vocals which are not sung, like you can find often some in older tracks, or goa/psy trance, and also in some newer trance tracks too.

something like :

Astral Projection - Let there be Light
Astral Projection - People can fly

Yves Deruyter - The Rebel
Emanuel Top - Turkish Basar
Legend B - Lost in Love

Mark Sherry - A Star within a Star
Mr. Sam vs. Human Resource - Dominator

that are the few that come in my mind ..

I think most of these vocals work more than an extra instrument, and not as vocal. They give the track an extra taste oO dont know how to describe it :) maybe someone understands

But I also like some Normal Vocals too, especially from Justine Suissa.

In general i think the music should be the important thing, not the vocals, and so i say the lyrics doesnt have to go about anything. they can be (and they are most time) more or less senceless, i think :lol:

greets tumba
what if the song has good lyrics good vocals and good beat... why can't we have it all...

lyrics probably should matter.. absolutely ... why slack on anything.. why should anything not be important..

yes, sometimes we passively listen to lyrics and sometimes we actually listen ... for those times we passively listen... then maybe the good lyrics won't matter..

what if the same song one day we actively listen.. then we can appreciate the song on many different levels.. or at least have the opportunity to do so.. or not
I have voted for "Love or Love related"
Cause I think there are many songs classic or not about Love in Trance
And they inspire me to live and love in this world
Thank you for interesting thread
It's always about love ^^
Why can't just someone write a songtext that is NOT about love? Because it's impossible... Pick 5 verious trance songs and you'll find out they're all about love ;)

As long as music and songtext complement one another it's okay!

Hmm... lyrics about hatred and pain? Gothic-Trance? Dark-Techno? :lolz: no, thx ^^
/wishes for vocals that will be about a big, juicy t-bone steak with fries and salad :mask: