What should Lyrics in trance & progressive go about?

What should Lyrics in trance & progressive go about?

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Moo Moo :cry: :cry:


---> Lyrics PureLy and LoVeLy about the New WORLD GeNeRation TeCH and SPiRiT EvOLUtioN Higher Mentality and ProGreSsiVe New Boundariez of Ever Changing LoVe and Beauty of our Universe and its Highest LeVeLz of Uknown RandomNeSs and REAL TRUTH of SeLF-AWAKENING for OuTTER BODY ASTRAL PROJECTION iNTo OTHER DIMENSIONZ TRAVEL!
-> W00TyH00!1
-> and also about AFTERGLOW of teh most BeautifuL Mystical PersonaL ExperienCeZ!

There are incredibly few vocal trance tracks I really appreciate.
The thing is instrumental music is not restricted by such concrete things as lyrics, but restricted only by the music itself, while music with vocals in many ways is being restricted by the vocals; hence if you pretend to come up with a vocal track, you should be bright enough to provide good, not dull vocals and mix it properly with good music. Voice should conform to the context of the song as well and be properly picked for every certain purpose.

I prefer deeper and more profound music to most of the catchy mass-orientated edm produced these days. Sadly, tracks like these barely produced these days.
Vocals should ALWaYS BRING TRULY ENLIGHTENING MESSAGES OF THE MOST UPDATED TRUTH To All the people in the world, so that they can find out of the latest progress and get motivated to ACT for the BETTER FUTURE !. cuz right now we live in Facsist shithole without realizing it and willingly IGNORING it, living in the mainly Invisible BOUNDARIES, thinking that we are FREE and that we KNOW the TRUTH, while being MISLEAD and DECEIVED and ENSLAVED for Money that DOES NOT REALLY EXIST AND DOES NOT MATTER UNLESS WE MAKE IT MATTER. thx :p

- it makes me sadder everyday.

Vocals should also create that Enlightening AFTERGLOW FEELING you get, just like AFTER DROPPING SOME ACID ! KHEHE!
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I think the best vocals in trance are either ambiguous with possible hidden meanings;
"Sky Falls Down" and "Miracle" come to mind.

Or insightful, like "Gamesmaster"

or if they're going to be a bit more obvious, they need to work with the music synergistically, like "Going Wrong". It may be cheesy, but after a bad day, it's impossible to thump it out, as loud as possible, sing along, and not feel miles better afterwards.

Common vocal let downs;
i) badly sung
ii) the wrong sound of voice for the rest of the music
iii) the wrong lyrics... you can't (generally) put soppy love lyrics over a happy tune foir example,
iv) Lack of imagination with the vocal sound; it needs to add interest to the tun, not just mindlessly follow the tune. "Waiting" for example, the way the vocal goes up when the bass drops down, and vice versa helps lift both.
v) vocals added as an afterthought. The best music is written with a strong mental state/emotion. If the tune's to have a vocal, it needs to be done at the same time.