Official New Users Thread !! say hello

Hi, my name is Robert, i'm from Romania, heard about this radio on Leon Bolier's Facebook page. I tuned in to listen to his show and i'm still listening to this radio station. You have high quality music on display here. I love trance music and i am sick and tired of the mainstream dj's like Armin van Buuren or Above&Beyond. I mean no ofense but thier music is to commercial. Keep up the good work with the radio....
Im a young Dj form Poland playing at a small club in Belgium
(playing there for more than 1 year but im still amatour).
I found on google, and i where listening to it for a long time (about 4 - 5 months).
Today i decided to register on the forum, and join this great community.
I love the music you are playing here !
Good work !
hi everyone, im sidali from london, but on vacation in spain malaga, just discovered AF fm, since im on it like mad, its nice to open my window apartement look at the beach feeling the hottt weather, and putting AF fm on , i think this radio is adding to my wonderful holidays , c u soon
Hey everyone!

My name is Mike, I'm 22, and although I live in Maryland, USA, I consider myself part of the DC crowd. I have been listening to electronic dance music for close to 11-12 years now, but I didn't really devote myself to it until 2008. Originally, I've been a massive metalhead fanatic, but the soothing yet exciting euphoria of Trance continued to creep into my interests until I just let my passion for EDM take over completely!

I listen to several sub-genres of EDM, but Trance and Progressive are my favorites by far. I absolutely love the dark vibes, much like the Coldharbour sounds, but uplifting certainly has it's highs as well! As for expanding my tastes, I am very slowly opening up to Electro House (more so Wolfgang Gartner, definitely not Guetta/mau5, I can't stand them.)

Anyway, It's nice to meet you all and I look forward to hopefully making some wonderful friends here. :)
Hey all! I am a U.S. born Produceer, Composer, Remixer, Sound Designer and Engineer. I have been producing music for over 10 years and after some recent success have been looking into preparing myself for touring. I am currently on two record labels and am in the process of signing too a third. I have a killer Electro House track with a Latino Style Vocalist named Boogat being released exclusive to Beatport on September 7th and would love any comments. If you would like to check out the track please head over to Dynomyt on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads or Dynomyt - Tracks - SoundCloud.

If you ever want to talk just send me an email to

Thanks all!!!
Hi everyone,

I finally take the time to register. I'm Thomas, 24 from France but I'm actually living in the States (Pittsburgh). I love Trance and also Metal.

So now I'm enjoying AH at work thanks to the firewall friendly link.
:music:Staying tuned

Thanks Afterhours
hi guys im a trance dj from the uk absolutely love trance and AH.FM hope to get a show on here some day \o/\o/\o/
hi all people. I am Monika from Slovakia I love trance. it is my passion

Hi, I'm Max from London, UK, hitting 19 in a couple of days.
Passions are all sorts of music with emphasis on electronics, djing DnB, Prog Trance and some Goa (called Psy nowadays :)) for about 5 years and of recently producing in same genres. Nothing released yet as I'm still finding my feet.
I also do kite surfing, rock climbing (with a 4x4) and moto cross.
A mate recommended this site for quality of music and community.
Looking forward to experience that for myself now and then. :smile:
hello guy...i'm new sign up at afterhours bt everyday tuned on it for listening,so keep tuned everyday ok.....
Hi everybody,
I'm from Portugal, homeland of SoundLift, too bad this country isn't to "trance addictive", it's more techno and house. I'm a uplifting trance lover, i hope to ear great tracks in this radio!! ;)
I know AH.FM cause of Itunes radio. I love trance. Thanks for you good music. I am from Mexico.
I would like to download the 31-08-2010 Bulgaria in the Mix 002 but I don't know where

God Bless you
Hi all i'm from Moldova.... nice radio .... now i think that is better than a friend tell me about .... thx she for that... :D enjoy the best music in the world............
Hello everybody! I am from Poland, i was looking for some track and accidentally i found this page... I have to say that: It is the best site on the internet ;) Respects!
My name is Gjestar and I came across this site when looking for like minded individuals who enjoy electronic dance music as much as I :)

I look forward to posting on here more and getting to know some of you!

I'll start- My fave band is ORBITAL! Always has been, always will be-lol

A few other artists I like and grew up with are BASS MEKANIK, MOBY, CRYSTAL METHOD, PAUL VAN DYK, FERRY CORSTEN, BASS 305 and many more!

I also do a weekly dj mix show that's listened to around the world in more than 8 different countries, called "ELECTRONYTES" which I will post more about in another category.

This is getting kinda log, so I'll cut it here - See you all around the boards!

Hi all, I'm new... Cheers from Croatia! =)