Deadmau5: Hot or not?


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why the freaking does he use a costume, trying to copy Daft Punk? or Angerfist? leave the real artist alone, geez, hes nothing but a copy cat. his musisc plain sucks.
Well I've never really been a great fan. 'Not Exactly' was probably the only track worth noting. The rest, well, I think originality went right out the window. If you look at his studio tour on YouTube, you can't really find anything worthy of such status. He literally stands by a single copy of 'Fruity Loops.' I think you need to be managing a little bit more than that to make it at industry level. I think people get caught up in his showmanship, given he only djs with that annoying rat mask on. If you concentrated on the music, you'd probably realise not a lot is going on. If you like his style, though, you might want to take a look at what the lads from 'Inpetto' are doing. Their remake of Dj Shog's 'Feel Me (Through the Radio)' is probably the sound Deadmau5 tries to achieve, instead over-compensating all too often. Audiences liking him for just the sake of it is a little bit of a worry. :no:
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I think his production skills and live remixing are awesome and untouched by many an artist. That YouTube video of him messing with the XOne 3D is first class.

Anyway the question is a bit generic tbh, you should have said "Do you like his productions?" or such like, rather than asking if he sucks, I don't think any of us actually know him...
i can not say that i like him to be honest...i found his productions and his set quite boring but this is just my opinion...still can not get what that important about him :whistle:
some insight from another forum :lol:

I feel i need to express how bad this was!

So, Tonight im going to see Menno De jong here in chicago, and than i found out that Deadmau5 was playing last night, so i thought to myself "why not make it a whole weekend, a show friday and saturday..."

So i go see Deadma5 last night, thinking he would be good. Holy crap was i wrong. I didn't realize he didn't understand that it is NOT OK to play the same sounding songs for 4 hours. I thought he would play a bunch of different styles and than throw some of his stuff in there. WRONG. All deadmau5, all night. This guy has really officially lost all of my respect. Only thing i still give him is that he by chance discovered this "new sound." Other than that, people, do yourself a favor, Don't give him your money and see him live!

I hope Menno is better!!!!!!!!
If he was called Jim I doubt anybody would be giving him a second look. Or if they did they would be calling him some sort of genius. But instead he's given himself this stupid name and left him self open to ridicule:lol::lol::lol:
Got a Query .... BSOD .. is Deadmau5 a part of it?